Sunday, December 25, 2005

Baxter Blacks Very Intense Battle Diary Excerpt from- Episode 22: Third Times A Charm

I dove head on into battle not knowing what to expect, the only thing I knew for sure was that this would be our final encounter (until our much anticipated next encounter which would ultimately be our last).
The Damien charged at me with the intensity of a full grown musk ox. He leapt into the air and let fly his now famous battle cry “GRRRRRAAAA-AAARRRRRG!!”Right away I knew that this would be no ordinary battle, this would be a battle paralleled only by some of those computer generated battles that look so neato on the big screen.
We tore towards each other, flames rising from our souls, sweat pouring from our bodies, boulders bursting in our wake. The very earth we both strove to control lay in the fate of a moment that was yet to come. As we roared closer and closer I continuously revised my upcoming battle strategy. In order to beat my most deadly of foes I would have to discover all of his weaknesses, while revealing none of mine.
Suddenly the moment of tribulation was upon us, I didn’t think, I just acted.
It seemed like an eternity before the whirlwind of dust and debris had finally settled, the victor had been decided yet we dared not lose each others gaze.
After a length of time that could only be measured by a unit yet to be invented I looked down upon the results…
I had chosen rock whereas The Damien had chosen scissors. With the humiliation of defeat surrounding him he instantly transformed into a small furry burrowing creature and disappeared into the underbrush. I thrust my fist into the air and howled my now somewhat famous battle cry

“I don’t just rock, I RAGE!!”

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